Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Had my photo shoot last night and it went amazingly! Had such a good mixture of people, make up, atmosphere and the photos are a reflection of that. I can’t thank Rachael enough for letting me borrow her shop for the night. Without that my shoot wouldn’t have turned out as well as it did. I managed to get pictures of a mixture of five different outfits which equaled to 140 photos! Of what I saw on the night it is going to be so hard to pick just one for the booklet. It was all such good experience and opportunity for me and will give my portfolio a big boost.

However the end of the shoot reminds me how little time is left to finish my collection! Time is disappearing so quickly now....


Photoshoot at Vintage Carousel  http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Vintage-Carousel/332261872379

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ideal Holiday Girl Collection


On the top of my to do list lately has been organizing the photo shoot for my collection. It has been a semi stressful time trying to organize everything to make the shoot perfect. I didn’t want a studio shoot because the theme of my collection wouldnt get across and for me I wanted something a bit more interesting and different. So me being the shopaholic I am I knew of the perfect location at Vintage Carousel on Hawker Street Bowden. It’s an amazing vintage shop where I always find a little gem www.vintagecarousel.net. It also has a wall covered in very cool wallpaper which will be the backdrop of my photo shoot.
I also found a girl who does 1950s makeovers at the North Adelaide Vintage Fair who’s doing the hair and make up for my shoot. Her names Gemma Vandetta and she does fantastic vintage hair and make up for all occasions www.gemmavendetta.com.  I wanted 1950s inspired hair and makeup with lots of bounce and a bit of fun in it to suit my holiday theme.
A picture Gemma sent me for inspiration. I love it! I wish i could look like this everyday...

Friday, 1 July 2011

Self Confessed Hoarder

So my major weakness in life is vintage clothes and its fast getting out of control. Recently I was taking the other pictures for my blog in my granny flat which has been taking over by me and is now my sewing and storage room. After looking though the pictures I took of my sewing room I realized I must have a filter over my eyes that look over the clutter. This rack of clothes is one example it has two levels and is jam pack with clothes and these are the ones that don’t fit in my wardrobe! You don’t want to see what surrounds it! I think I am a borderline hoarder.....